Utrecht Science Park

On the east side of Utrecht a knowledge park has been steadily growing in size and (inter)national importance. An area where knowledge institutes, educational institutions and companies work together in life sciences, health and sustainability. The USP, which now has numerous iconic buildings, is a small city in itself, where people study, work, live and recreate.

New name
Since 2012, Utrecht Science Park has been the name for the area that until recently was primarily known as De Uithof campus. In addition to education and knowledge-intensive companies, five hospitals have now also been established.

“It has now become a really special part of the city” [tour participant]

From university grounds to campus
In the 1960s the first (wooden!) educational buildings were erected in the Johannapolder near the farm ‘De Uithof’. The second impulse followed in the 1970s with the first ’true’ buildings. After that it was quiet for a long time. In the 1990s a third wave of construction followed, part of an urban development plan by Rem Koolhaas (OMA). Student accommodation, facilities for sports, recreation and shops gave De Uithof the appearance of a campus. The recent arrival of faculties from the Hogeschool Utrecht (2013-2018) to the area has further strengthened this.


Expansion to Science Park
With the establishment of new companies and knowledge centers, De Uithof has become the Utrecht Schience Park. In addition to the Danone Innovation Center, the Life Science Incubator recently opened its doors and the new location of the RIVM & CBG is under construction. All will soon be easily accessible by tram connection the Uithoflijn.

During the walking tour you can also visit one or more buildings, depending on the duration of the tour and the day on which the tour takes place. For your application, indicate a choice for: the striking and award-winning Educatorium by Rem Koolhaas / OMA (1997), Padualaan 101 (former Faculty of Economics and Management) by Mecanoo with hidden inner gardens (1995), the University Library by Wiel Arets (2004), The Victor J. Koningsberger building by Ector Hoogstad Architects (2015) and / or the new the Life Science Incubator by Mecanoo (2017).

Want to see a specific building? Our guides can adjust a route to your liking. To be visited from the outside are, for example:

  • Ronald McDonald House by Bosch Haslett
  • A. Hijmans van der Bergh building by EEA Architects (2005)
  • 1001 student residences on 1 ha by Uytenhaak
  • Casa Confetti by Marlies Rohmer (2009)
  • Johanna (2015)
  • Nicolaas Bloemberg building by UN Studio (2000)
  • The Bishops of Köther, Salman, Koedijk Architects (2006),
  • Combined heat and power plant by Liesbeth van der Pol (2005)
  • David de Wied building by Studio Herman Hertzberger (2011)
  • Hogeschool Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 15 by Schmidt Hammer Lassen (2018)
  • Danone Innovation Center aka “Nutricia Research” by Cepezed (2013)
  • RIVM and CBG construction site (ready 2021)
  • Basketbar by NL Architects. It is possible to have a drink and / or eat here after the tour.


Standard duration is 1,5 hrs. The duration of the tour depends on the number of buildings you wish to visit, see ‘Costs’.

Number of participants
The maximum number of participants for a walking tour is 20. For a bike tour 10. You can easily book one of more extra tours for extra participants. Please mention the total number of participants at the application form and we define the number of guides needed.

Costs (excl. V.A.T)
1 hr | € 120,- | building to visit: 1
1,5 hrs | € 160,- | builings to visit: 2 by foot | 3 by bike
2 hrs | € 190,- | builings to visit: 3 by foot | 4 by bike
2,5 hrs | € 220,- | builings to visit: 4 by foot | 5 by bike

You can book a tour through filling in the application form:

application form

For more information on tours and bookings you can reach us on Mondays from 10 to 13 hrs  and on Thursdays from 10 to 17 hrs. You can reach us by mail: aorta@aorta.nu, or by phone: +31 (0)30 2321686.