General information

AORTA introduces you to the contemporary architectural highlights and urban developments in Utrecht. Our professional guides show you the city of today and tomorrow.

Discover the city of Rietveld, de modern pearls in the historic innercity, the most recent urban sprawl in Leidsche Rijn, the iconic architecture in Utrecht Science Park and the newest projects as part of the renewal of the Central Station Area.

Our passionate guides have a professional background in several disciplines such as architecture, architectural history, social geography, engineering or landscape architecture. They will provide extensive background information on historical, architectural and town-planning developments.

Group Tours

For visitors, schools and companies we organise four walking and two bike tours. With some tours it is possible to visit one or more buildings. More information about the tour-themes and the buildings can be found in the menu on the right side of this page.


All AORTA tours are suitable for secondary and higher education classes. In this case we advise a duration per tour of no more than 1,5 hours.


Most of our tours are available in Dutch, English and German. French is optional for a small number of tours. Please contact us for more details.


The maximum number of participants for a walking tour is 20; for a bike tour the number of participants is limited to 10. You can easily book one of more extra tours for extra participants. Please mention the total number of participants at the application form and we define the number of guides needed.


Per hour, per guide (excl. 21% VAT):

1 hr = € 120,-
1,5 hrs = € 160,-
2 hrs = € 190,-
2,5 hrs = € 220,-

Discounts: for classes in primairy education there is a 10% discount.

Book a tour

If you intend to book a tour, please fill out the application form for the specific tour. You will receive a copy of your request by email. A more detailed reaction will follow in a few days. As soon as a guide is available and -if applicabel- we are allowed to visit the buildings you requested, we will send you a confirmation and an invoice.


For more information on tours and bookings you can reach us by mail:, or by phone: +31 (0)30 2321686.

Terms and conditions
All tours are offered under the terms and conditions of AORTA.

AORTA is the platform for urban planning, architecture and related disciplines in the Utrecht region. We organise activities such as events, tours, workshops, discussions and lectures.