Terms and Conditions Aorta Tours

Dutch law applies exclusively to all agreements concluded subject to these terms and conditions.

Stichting Architectuurcentrum Aorta, Ganzenmarkt 3, 3512 GC Utrecht, The Netherlands;

Person or organization who instructs AORTA to organize one or more tours;

Visiting one or more locations and/or buildings, including information on these locations and/or buildings.

Acceptance of our terms and conditions
These terms and conditions apply as soon as the customer, in writing (including e-mail) or verbally, instructs AORTA to organize one or more tours. Other terms and conditions are not accepted by AORTA.

Corona measures
Guided tours for groups in Utrecht are permitted! AORTA naturally adheres to current government regulations to prevent the spread of Corona. These are the regulations of RIVM and the safety region of Utrecht; each municipality has its own rules. They order guides, participants and visitors to do the same. This includes:
– Participants and guides, and their immediate family members, are initially free from signs of flu and fever. See also under Cancellation.
– For everyone: Follow the general guidelines. Non-family members should a distance of keep 1.5 meters.
– AORTA uses a maximum group size of 9 participants plus guide. Depending on the use of a ‘whisper set’ or specific regulations of a location to be visited, the group may be larger or smaller.
– When busy, an alternate moment or route is considered.
– In addition to the instructions of the guide, those of security, controllers and personel must be followed.
If the customer does not want to comply with the regulations, access may be refused or the continuation of the activity canceled. In the latter case, no refund of costs will follow. In case of force majeure, a solution is sought jointly. As with all violations, a fine for failure to comply with the guidelines is the responsibility of the customer / individual participants.

The costs for standard tours offered by AORTA are € 120 per hour and € 160 for 1.5 hours. Every extra half hour costs € 30 extra. The costs mentioned are per tour with one guide and include 21% VAT. For tours offered for education purposes, a 10% discount will be applied. AORTA can arrange custom tours. Depending on the question, AORTA will charge additional preparation costs. The customer will be notified in advance.

Full payment of the total amount owed should be received by AORTA two weeks after receipt of the confirmation of a tour and at least five days before the start of the tour. Payment must be made on account number: NL14 INGB, to the attention of Stichting AORTA. A payment must include the reference number of the tour.

If changes have to be made to the invoice, or additional details (a.o. purchase orders) have to be added, AORTA wil have to charge an additional € 50 administration costs.

Cancellation by the customer
The customer has a duty to cancel the tour if corona is suspected (See Corona measures). The customer has the right to cancel an agreement under the terms set out below. Cancellation is made in writing (including by e-mail). The cancellation date is the date on which AORTA receives the cancellation. In case of cancellation, Aorta will charge the customer the following costs:
1. If canceled up to 3 days prior to the tour, 50% of the total amount due will be charged.
2. If canceled within 3 days of the tour, or if a group (without notification) is not present at the agreed departure point in time, the total amount will be charged.

Cancellation by AORTA
AORTA reserves the right to cancel a tour in case of unforeseen circumstances. In that case, AORTA will not charge any costs to the customer. Amounts paid by the customer to AORTA will be refunded within 30 days. The customer can never claim compensation or refund of more costs than the amount payed to AORTA.

Start of a tour
In case the customer is unable to report on time at the agreed departure point, AORTA requests the customer to contact the guide directly by telephone. The tour is shortened by the amount of time the group is late. This is not deducted from the total amount. The customer may, in consultation with the tour guide, agree on an extended tour. AORTA reserves the right to charge additional costs (30 euros including 21% VAT, half an hour) provided that the customer is informed about this by the guide. If the customer does not inform the guide by telephone about a delay, the guide waits for a maximum of fifteen minutes at the agreed departure point. If the customer does not arrive within fifteen minutes, AORTA reserves the right to cancel the tour without any refund of costs.

Group size
To ensure the quality of the tours, a maximum group size of 9 people is used. As soon as the group size exceeds 9 people (10 incl guide), AORTA offers one or more guides at additional cost. Only in agreement with AORTA can be deviated from the foregoing.

AORTA devotes the utmost care to organizing the tours. AORTA nor the guides acting under the responsibility of AORTA can be held liable for any damage -in any form- suffered by the customer and/or other participants of the group.